Has your computer slowed down over the years? Are continuous pop-ups  disrupting you from work? Files are not downloading properly,  more and more error messages keep on popping?  Does any of this relate to you? If yes then read on. Technology has become a crucial part of our lives, In order to make sure that you stay up to date you need a computer that operates seamlessly. This is exactly why we offer you our professional computer repair services that will make sure your machine is running at 100% efficiency. The Computer repair & maintenance services we provide are as follows.

Home Computer Repair:

We offer on site home computer repair services. One of our Certified computer repair technicians will meet you at your home and diagnose your situation. Our technician will provide you with a written quote detailing our computer repair rates and the fees necessary to complete a total system repair, upgrade or update.





Business Computer Repair:

We offer on site business computer repair services for small and medium sized businesses in Austin and the surrounding area. A crew of our CompTIA certified computer repair technicians will be dispatched to your business location to evaluate your computer repair situation. A thorough written analysis and description of our computer repair rates and labor charges with a description of the services to be performed will be provided following the evaluation.

 Our tech experts can also help you with the installation of Windows operating system and software applications. We can resolve all registry conflicts and software compatibility issues. Our tech experts can help install the latest antivirus software and drivers on your computer or desktop to ensure the complete safety and security of your PC.

Diagnose Computers

We locate any problem your PC might be having with either the software or hardware, sometimes it can be a combination of the both or could be a network related problem.  Our Diagnostic services are mostly paired with the repair service.

OS Optimization

OS Optimization is the process in which your operating system such as windows or MAC are optimized for better and efficient use. With our OS optimization services your PC or laptop can be enabled to use less resources which results in a major increase in speed and support for more heavier applications. If the OS is beyond repair we will also install a new one of your choice.

Corrupt OS

Your OS is corrupt and beyond repair, but you have to much valuable data stored on it so you can’t reinstall a new OS? This happens for all level of systems, we use our skills and modern software and physical tools to locate the corruption on multiple layers to remove or correct it, it should be noted this works flawlessly for most occasions but sometimes it may yield unpredictable results as well.

Hardware Installation And Repairs

Bought a new graphics card or pair of ram? No matter what the hardware you bought is we can easily have someone install it efficiently. Is your power supply causing problems or your heat fan has stopped moving? The chances of us not being able to fix it are almost nonexistent.

With our skilled services you just not only save time and money but can rest assured that your computer is in the most secure and skilled hands.