In this digital world, computer and laptops are our new safes where we store all our important information. With new technologies comes new ways to save our precious data. But there are always chances and situations where your data is at the risk of corruption. It can be real nightmare because all our data, personal or professional, may be at the edge of getting lost forever.

For those who have lost their data in the past know how the pain of losing it. But fear not as is here to offer Laptop and PC Data recovery, External Hard Disk Data Recovery, Hard Drive Data Recovery, Hard Disk Repair services.

A data corruption may occur due to physical damage or a logical crash. We provide Crashed/Corrupt hard disk recovery and file recovery that are lost, corrupted or deleted accidentally.  When you reach us for hard drive recovery services, we first analyze your system for exact faults. Next we provide you the full evaluation of what exactly is the situation. Then after your approval, we take your computer/laptop to our center and begin recovering your desired data. And finally, we deliver your system and your recovered data back to you.

PC Mac Solutions is a premium data recovery company for both physical and logical data recovery. We offer fast and reliable data recovery services in which we incorporate a no data no charge strategy and a 100% fulfillment ensure on every bit of your data is recovered. We have no hidden assessment or indicative charges and much of the time, with PC Mac Solutions, you don’t pay a penny until your data is recovered!

All inside hard dick repairs are performed in bio metrically secure clean rooms. As a data recovery company, our essential objective at all times is to recover your data. We are pleased with the high quality service we provide and the countless people we have helped over the years.

Our data recovery engineers work with a wide array of devices and mishaps:

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Flash Drive and SD Card Recovery
  • SAN and NAS Device Recovery
  • Server Corruption and Failures
  • Infection Corruptions and Deletion
  • Harm from Lightning, Flood, and Fire
  • Representative Sabotage or Deletions
  • Power Supply Burn Out or Failure

We additionally offer crisis data recovery services: We will prepare our data recovery group to work all day and all night to recover your data.

We consider security above else. All recoveries are performed in a bio metrically secure lab. The frameworks used to recover data have no outward access to the internet, more commonly known as an air gaped system to make sure your data remains safe. We take after SOC Type II security systems to guarantee your data is sheltered and never compromised. All of our master data recovery designers, software engineers and staff individuals have had personal investigations and numerous have held government clearances.

When you call us you will talk to a professional not a sales representative. Our specialists will give clear and straightforward responses to inquiries you may have with respect to your case and our services.